BGW - Refurbished and Used Equipment

Custom Slayer Espresso V3 in Baby Pink

- Prebrew timers
- Flavor Profiling Technology 
- Independent brew boilers
- Preheat boiler
- European ash wood accents







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Victoria Arduino MYTHOS 2 On-Demand Grinder (white)

- Gravimetric
- User Interface
- Heated chamber
- Multiple programming and dosing options
- Variable Speed Motor

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La Marzocco Swift Volcano Grinder


the vulcano line brings together distinct la marzocco retro italian design with mazzer grinding expertise.


Grind, dose, and tamp technology.

Improves grind preparation efficiency and ergonomics.

Programmable single, double, and manual dose.


The Vulcano grinder line is inspired by the award-winning 1960s model grinder designed by La Marzocco co-founder Giuseppe Bambi, and features a Mazzer conical burr set.

The Vulcano Swift features La Marzocco Swift grinder technology to grind, dose, and tamp, providing repeatability and consistency of dose to within a fraction of a gram. Grind and dose adjustments are simple and accessible, providing the barista the highest level of control, while minimizing waste.

FETCO GR 2.2 Portion Grinder

- Vertically built-in grinding discs.
- Digitally controlled set-up and operation.
- Consistent grind settings.
- Adjustable brew basket holder.
- Overload Motor protection.
- Anti-static outlet chamber.

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FETCO 2152 XTS Dual 1.5 Gallon Brewer

- User Interface
- Streamlined Programming and Diagnostics
- Customizable Screens
- Pulse Brew
- Cascading spray dome

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Mahlkonig EK 43s

  • Powerful commercial grinding performance
  • 98 mm flat burrs with superior grind uniformity
  • Stepless grind adjustment with customizable grind range calibration
  • 800 gram tall hopper included, short flip-top hopper available
  • Spout with bag clamp included
  • Updated pre-breaker, shear plate, and grinding chamber optimized for single dosing and small batch grinding
  • Perfect for filter, batch brew, and cupping. Can be used for espresso if alignment tools are used to optimize performance
  • Smaller stature fits more compact settings and saves space

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La Marzocco 2 Group Linea PB with ABR

​​​​​​linea pb

A comprehensive update to the technical and stylistic workings of an industry icon.


advanced electronics and digital display

Temperature display, shot timers, flow pulse counter and intuitive programming simplifies the adjustment of machine parameters.

scales (abr) 

With integrated scales in the drip tray, the Linea PB ABR lets barista brew by volume, mass, or brew ratio to suit their workflow. In Mass mode baristas program a preferred weight in the finished cup and the machine stops automatically, removing the need to place an additional scale on top of the drip tray. Auto-Brew Ratio works by programming in a given ratio and letting the machine dispense the appropriate water to reach the given ratio.

eco mode

The Linea PB can be programmed to enter stand-by mode when not in use, reducing boiler temperatures to lower set-points and improving energy efficiency.



digital display
Intuitive programming simplifies adjustment of machine parameters.

auto backflush
Simplifies the cleaning process to improve efficiency. 

barista lights
LED lighting allows you to focus on your extraction and the cup.

  • Regularly maintenanced by BGW
  • Always been on R/O Water Filtration
  • Great Condition