Wilbur Curtis

G4 ThermoPro Brewer

Brewing Technology Made Simple.

Introducing the next generation of coffee brewing... G4. The new G4 delivers high-tech advancements to make serving hot, fresh coffee even easier. Its simple, intuitive, icon-driven interface includes features that will simplify brewing operations, provide fast and intuitive training and reduce service calls and costs. All with the touch of a button.

  • Generation Four (G4) Digital Control Module – Large, 4.3” touch screen. Icon-driven interface streamlines operation
  • On-Screen Instructions – Provides fast, intuitive training; reduces service calls
  • Built-in Self Diagnostic System – Includes real-time feedback of the brewing process and energy saving mode
  • Gold Cup SeriesTM – Digital Control Module provides precise control over all aspects of brewing: time, temperature, volume plus specialty coffee needs from pre-infusion to pulse- brewing to water bypass
  • Pre-set, One-Touch Global Recipes – Based on coffee type, grind and weight. Simplifies profile setting for gourmet results every time.
  • Industry’s Most Effective Mineral Tolerant Design – Patented fast-wetting AFS Sprayhead and non-immersed water temperature sensor
  • Encapsulated Control Board – Protects against steam, water and impact.
  • Stainless Steel ThermoPROTM vacuum-sealed servers keep coffee fresh, hot and flavorful
  • Single unit is field selectable for One, Two or Three Batch brewing
  • Enhanced Recovery Circuitry – boosts performance on 220V/single phase models
  • All features are standard from Curtis... extra from others.

Cafe Wipz Coffee Equipment Cleaning Wipes

Brand: Urnex


  • Pre moistened, fragrance free coffee equipment cleaning wipes
  • For use on all coffee equipment, including steam wands, grinder hoppers, and countertops
  • Specially formulated with cationic detergents to safely clean away milk and coffee residue on all coffee equipment
  • Safe, easy, and clean packed in resealable fliptop to keep freshness

For use on all Café Equipment

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.58.06 PM

  1. Open flip-top. Remove and discard freshness seal.
  2. Wipes pull out individually.
  3. Keep flip-top lid closed for freshness.
  4. Use care when wiping hot parts.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Downloads below

Tabz Coffee Equipment Cleaning Tablets


TABZ Super Concentrate Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tabletsare specifically designed to offer the functionality of one-step cleaning for coffee brewers and servers. By running a brew cycle with a TABZ tablet in the basket, users can simultaneously clean both the brew basket and server beneath.

For use on Coffee Brewers, Servers, Airpots, and Glass Bowls

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 8.33.01 PM

  1. Place one Tabz™ tablet per 64 oz (2 L) vessel capacity in brew basket.
  2. Run brew cycle into server and hold.
  3. Discard solution and remove any residue.
  4. Rinse all parts with clean water.

TIP: Clean inside of additional servers with one Tabz™ tablet per 64 oz (2 L) of hot water. Solution can also be used to wipe spray heads.


  • Cleans brew basket and server simultaneously in one simple step
  • Tablet form for easy and controlled dosing helps reduce waste and operator error
  • For use on brewers and servers of different sizes and multiple vessels
  • Blue safety dye helps ensure proper rinsing in busy service environment


G3 Airpot Brewer

Two independently programmable brewing heads PLUS your gourmet roast provides versatility, great taste and brewing simplicity . . . every time.

With the Curtis G3 Coffee Brewing System there is no need for complex brewing adjustments, unless you want them. The simple “scroll-through” programming
on the oversized LCD display allows you to effortlessly program the two brewing heads independently of each other. Easily set the brewers to your exacting standards, or use the Curtis’ factory settings to deliver ideal results.

When you add it up, the Curtis G3 Airpot Systems offer a host of features that are designed to optimize gourmet coffee’s quality and flavor, while reducing maintenance and service. G3 features include...digital temperature and brew-by- volume control, pre-infusion and pulse brew technology, PM alerts, cold water brew lock-out, and much more. From traditional to gourmet roasts, this equals a great cup of coffee, and increased profits. That’s the bottom line.

  • Precise “gourmet” control over all critical functions— The G3 Digital Control Module provides you the expertise to brew premium gourmet coffee with ease.
  • Built-In Fine Tuning Brewing Modes — Pre-infusion or pulse brew enhances extraction of gourmet coffee flavor. Cold water brew lock-out prevents brewing when water temperature is below set level.
  • Curtis’ Exclusive G3 3-Year Warranty — Provides 3 full years of protection on the digital control components.
  • Out-of-the-Box Operation — Pre-programmed factory settings deliver ideal results.
  • Reliability you can depend on. The Digital Control Module is encapsulated in high-tech polymer and is impervious to heat, steam and moisture.
  • Intuitive Scroll-Through Precision Programming — Large, brightly lighted display communicates functions at a glance. Easily adjust time, volume, temperature, brew functions and more.
  • Tamper Resistant — Changeable access code prevents unauthorized adjustment.
  • Easy-to-Use — Simple graphic design with color-coded buttons for all operating functions.